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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a sports broadcaster?
There are many ways to become a sportscaster. Choices you make will affect how quickly and at what entry level you may qualify for. The critical objective is to get you noticed by getting your name and voice in front of sports fans as an entertaining, interesting and talented personality with the ability to verbally paint a picture in the listener’s mind of what’s happening on the field.

Where is The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center located?
The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center is located

in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York in the Greater Corning-Elmira-Binghamton-Ithaca Area just ten miles north from the Pennsylvania border and 90 miles south of Rochester, New York.

Do SBLC students need to be at SBLC's location? 
The answer is...maybe.

- Phase One of your sports broadcasting education will occur virtually on-line utilizing on-demand and interactive course work, individual video face to face time with your instructors, assignments and evaluation and webinars. Upon successful completion of Phase One the sportscaster will receive a SBLC "Certificate of Completion"

- Phase Two is optional and is available only to those people who have earned the SBLC "Certificate of Completion". Phase Two will require the participant to spend 7-10 days in SBLC's "Mentor/Apprenticeship Program". It is during this time that the participant will be working directly with the sports broadcasters of RLM Sports during actual scholastic and collegiate sporting events. It is an excellent opportunity to hone the knowledge and skills learned in Phase One through structured experiences supervised by RLM Sports professional sports broadcasters. Upon successful completion of Phase Two the sportscaster will receive a SBLC "Certificate of Accomplishment", as well as the SBLC's endorsement.

Is The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center accredited?
The SBLC will issue Certificates upon successful completion of the coursework. This experience is an extra-curricular activity. Training programs such as ours are not required to be accredited, but RLM Sports is following the appropriate accreditation procedures which will earn us national accreditation status in the future.

Does The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center provide job placement services?
The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center student, in the course of their time with us, will work with other professionals in the sports broadcasting field, providing a valuable network of contacts. All students will be advised on building their resumes, making contacts, creation of a demo video/mp3 file, and more.

What Sports Broadcasting Programs are available?
The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center offers, or will soon be offering, programs that support sports broadcasters including:

  • Sports Broadcasting – On Becoming a Successful Sports Broadcaster
  • The Internet and You
  • Building and Operating a Sports Broadcasting Business
  • Networking, Promotion and Advertising – Supporting the Broadcast and Sports Broadcaster
  • Designing, Building and Maintaining a Professional Personal and/or Business Website

How long does each program take to complete?
Some programs, due to varying goals and objectives, will obviously take longer than others. The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center presents you with the program objectives and a suggested time frame in which to complete them. But the best answer to this important question is another question: How quickly do you want to get started in sports broadcasting? This is not meant to be a rhetorical or dismissive question!

Qualifying and participating in The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center is a serious commitment and deserves a serious answer. The truth is that each program is customised expressly for you and is comprised of several complementary learning methodologies that allow for the student to progress through each phase at your own individual pace. The more you know coming into the program and the rapidity of your progress through the program will determine when you are ready to receive your certificate of completion.

The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center is not a "Certificate mill" where you spend your money and automatically get a certificate of accomplishment or degree in three, six or 24 months. Whether you desire to become a successful sports broadcaster or start a sports broadcasting business, The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center is your best choice.

Is there a “best time” to get started?
Yes. Now!

If sports broadcasting is what you have a passion to do, waiting will not get you in the sporting booth or “in the game” that you dream about.

How much experience do I need?
A sports broadcaster needs to be familiar with the sport he/she is covering and have a good knowledge of the game rules and play action. The sportscaster needs to keep current with events and sport figures concerning the sport, team etc. of the games covered, as he/she is not only providing play-by-play announcing, but is also providing the color commentary and analysis of each game.

How much education do I need?
Sports broadcasters typically need a strong command of the spoken and written language. S/he needs to have a current, in-depth and hands-on familiarity with audio broadcast equipment. Digital technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, and broadcasters must keep up to date with these advances.

How many persons are in a class?
Each individual student is in a class of one.

Each educational program is customized to meet the specific needs of each registered student. However, each student is free to communicate with other currently registered students through The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center blogs and online communication tools, as well as through live online collaboration.

How do I apply?
Applying to become a candidate of The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center is easy - but please consider the following: Unlike many other sports broadcasting training organizations, submitting an application does not automatically register you as a student of the The Sports Broadcaster Learning Center. Each candidate’s application is reviewed and evaluated by a professional RLM Sports broadcaster. This approved application and evaluation is then looked at by the Admissions Team for acceptance, reevaluation or rejection. Whatever the results, the applicant will be notified of the result within 7-10 working days from the date of submission.

How much does it cost?
The answer depends on what programs you elect. Following are the programs currently available in the SBLC catalogue and their cost. 

Sports Broadcasting (Core Curriculum)
Phase One ............................ $3,800 (separately)
Phase Two ............................ $1,995 (separately)
Phase One and Phase Two ..... $4,995 (combined)

Phase Two requires expenditures above the SBLC tuition cost that includes:
1. Travel to/from SBLC location; Corning/Elmira, NY area
2. Lodging and Breakfast & Lunch for on-site stay (Dinners covered by SBLC)
3. Transportation
4. Recommended Equipment or Use RLM Sports Equipment Package (fee charged)

Do you offer financial aid or financing?
The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center is not affiliated with any government educational loan agency; thus, its students are not eligible for government financial aid. The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center does accept all credit cards, which can be billed in installments to the credit card holder. Credit card finance charges may apply.

How do your costs compare with other sports broadcasting education organizations?
We ask you to compare using your favorite online search tools to explore other educational options and opportunities. Comparing the The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center programs, methodologies and philosophies may be as difficult as comparing apples and oranges, but you’ll get the idea.

  • Many of our programs and courses are online, on-demand, self-paced and interactive.
  • This means that a student may, depending on their prior experience and knowledge, progress through the online courses faster than others.
  • That’s one reason we do not advertise completion time as 13 weeks, 3, 6 or more months. We can, however, offer typical estimated ranges of the time it takes for a student to progress through our programs and courses.
  • The earning of The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center’s Certificate of Completion is less expensive and takes less time to achieve than the Learning Center’s Certificate of Accomplishment due to the content and requirements.
  • The Learning Center’s Certificates may sound similar, but the Certificate of Accomplishment graduate will have a much better understanding and have the developed skill sets required to enter and advance more quickly in the sports broadcasting job market.

How does The Sports Broadcasters Sports Learning Center compare with other sports broadcasting schools?
Unlike some sports broadcasting educational organizations, RLM Sports selects only qualified applicants and demands a high standard of achievement and performance to obtain a Learning Center Certificate of Completion or the premier Certificate of Accomplishment.

What kind of course materials do I need to have?
All students will have online access to current and past, but relevant, courses and online discussion and/or webinars. Each student will be sent a study guide and resource materials.

Are there any age requirements?
We will evaluate any applicant 18 years of age or older, but may consider someone younger with the support of their family.

What is the criterion for acceptance into the RLM Sports Learning Center?
All registered students of The Sports Broadcasters Learning Center will have gone through an extensive qualification review and evaluation that includes sports knowledge, past experience, commitment, voice and delivery.